Strawberry Espresso Con Panna

layers of strawberry espresso con panna The Cupcake Confession

OMG! It’s March ALREADY!

Can you tell?

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was gearing up for the New Year to begin,

Okay, not yesterday! ‘Cause yesterday I was recovering from a severe cold, fever and errr, stomach upset! Yes, I’m under the weather because the weather just won’t make up its mind! One day its real sunny, trust me, not a good sight when I am dripping in sweat FROM HEAD TO TOE! Then the next day the temperature drops DRASTICALLLLLY and I can’t stay away from my cosy hoodie and a million blankets!

What do you expect!?

Anyways, today I’m slightly better and SOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s March and like I’d promised in this post here, I’m going to be celebrating ‘Coffee Month’ on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why, you ask?????

top single view of strawberry espresso con panna

Well, for starters, the final exams are just ‘round the corner smirking nastily as we, poor we, hold on to dear life and hope to pass the coming weeks of terror! I, for one, have to pull all – nighters to make sure I’ve done enough to survive at least the first hour of the exam!

So, I was hoping everyone will be on a caffeine high this month!

Ummmm,….actually, I just made that up right now as I was creating a draft for this post! Hahahaha 😀

{wellllllll, it’s true! So you can’t blame me!}

But the real reason as to why I am taking this life-changing {yes, I say life-changing because you may have seriously never thought that you could make ‘coffee-shops’ – like coffees right in your home in under 15 minutes!} step is because of the coffee machine – ‘Philips Intelia Saeco’ that I was asked to review some time ago.

I came up with TONS of coffee recipes and instead of scattering them in the coming months, I was like – Hey – let’s give ya’ll a coffee addiction!

*evil grin* 😉

NO, I AM SERIOUS! This is GOOD STUFF people!

I’m beginning with the simplest recipe that you can make in minutes!

with syrup strawberry espresso con panna

All you have 1-2 shots of espresso {1 or 2 depends on how desperately you need to stay awake to complete your assignments /projects/ play Papa Pear Saga/Candy Crush…errr I meant completing projects, okay?

Forget I ever mentioned about playing games while completing assignments! 😛

So, since strawberries are all that I can see in the fruits and veggie market here, I decided to use them abundantly and this is what i came up with

‘Strawberry Espresso Con Panna’, Con Panna, in Italian is ‘with cream!’

I can have anything CON PANNA for the rest of my life!

The bottom layer is fresh strawberry syrup, which is nothing but equal parts sugar and water and a generous handful {or handfulsssss} of strawberries! Cook till syrupy and jammy and then pass through a sieve to get all the seeds and pulp out. What you will be left with is silky smooth syrup ready to work its magic on an otherwise bitter, dull black espresso!

Take a large glass or this broad one and fill it with syrup, depends on how much sweet you want it to be and then empty your shots of espresso and top with cream!!!!!!!!!!!! Papa Fiestaaaaaaaaa You have the BEST ESPRESSO CON PANNA EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

strawberry espresso con panna


Strawberry Espresso Con Panna


  1. 1 cup Double Cream {for whipping}
  2. 2 shots freshly brewed espresso
  3. 2 heaped tablespoons of strawberry syrup {equal parts sugar and water and strawberries}


  1. Make your strawberry syrup. For this heat the syrup ingredients until thick and syrupy. Pass it through a sieve.
  2. Add it to the coffee glass.
  3. brew 2 shots of espresso.
  4. Top with whipped cream


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  1. I’ve never done strawberries and espresso as a combination before, but given that I love both of those things, I’m sure I’ll like it. I wish you told me about Coffee Month earlier – I’d totally participate, officially or not!

    1. Thannnkkkkk you soooo much Shikha! Yes, Strawberries and espresso work so well together! I wasn’t quite sure myself but the combination does work! 🙂 OH!!!! i didn’t know… This is the first time I’m doing something like this! But if you do have something in mind do let me know!!!!!!!!!! We could work it out! 🙂 🙂

  2. I love coffee month!! I would love to stay awake that much…with the way lab is going these days. I love this dessert girl Your photos are stunning!!! And I love the combination of strawberries and coffee. Lovely!!

  3. Lovely to hear you’re feeling better now dear!
    My final exams week isn’t due until May, but I’m definitely bookmarking this for when it happens, because I’ll surely need some caffeine ahhhh :–( I hope you survive yours. C’mon girl, I know yu can do it!! Just hang in there and eat lots of this lovely dessert. It looks so delish : )

  4. Samina, I hope you are feeling better. Sounds like the flu. I had a cold that I couldn’t shake for a couple of weeks. I know how it makes you feel so tired. I hope you are all better for your exams. If not, I’m sure loading up on caffeine will be good 😀 I’m a total caffeine addict. Can’t live without it! This looks delicious!

  5. Hope you feel better soon Samina – this wacky weather definitely does’n’t help either. I definitely could use more caffeine to stay awake lately and this sounds perfect! I love the combination of strawberries and coffee AND THESE ARE SUCH STUNNING PHOTOS 🙂

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