Dried Fruit Tea Cake

  I can’t even begin to explain HOW AMAZING the weather is right now! All the terrible scorching, sweaty, sticky, humid heat has disappeared and has been replaced with RAINS and breeze!!!! And I couldn’t be happier! I know most of you are not very big fans of the heavens

Banoffee Brownie

I’m hearing about all the kickass reviews TFIOS got since its release and my Facebook feed keeps showing updates about how I should be going to a theatre near me to watch this epic love story! I am soooo jealous of people who have already seen it! It’s going to

Chocolate Tart

I know you have probably seen a million chocolate tart recipes online and in cookbooks and made them at home but this chocolate tart is different. DIFFERENT! Different, how, you ask? This chocolate tart is different because this chocolate tart recipe has a lot more going on than simply chocolate

Snickers Latte

I know March is long over and we’re already 3 days into April but I was so caught up with my retests and assignment submissions. If you didn’t know, I fell terribly ill about 20 days ago and while I was recuperating, I realized that I had to skip all