Melon Smoothie

A melon smoothie is hands down your answer to the sugar coma we went into when we indulged in these grapefruit curd and caramelized pineapple cupcakes.

melon smoothie 02 the cupcake confession

What makes it special is the fact that you barely need to invest 5 minutes in making it and is 100 % sugar free!

With this melon smoothie, we make the natural sugars from the melons sing.

I’ve used a cantaloupe simply because I absolutely adore the way it smells and tastes. It has an incredibly musky aroma with a pool of saffron like sweet liquid nectar huddled at the core of the fruit. The flesh itself is so incredibly  firm yet soft enough to be scooped or chopped without any hassles.

A cantaloupe is a fruit of my dreams.

melon smoothie 01 the cupcake confession

And after a day filled with hazardous sugar laden celebration, it is important to bring the body back in balance and what better way to do that than to indulge in some guilt free smoothies that not only look and smell inviting but taste absolutely musky and sweet without the addition of even a grain of sugar.

This melon smoothie makes use of just two simple ingredients which can be found at any fruit vendor and are mostly available all year round – cantaloupe and bananas!

And that is it, people!

These two ingredients are all it takes to make a smoothie that your body will thank you for with amazing glowing skin and hair and a lovely active life. What more can you ask for?

All you need to do is blitz together these two ingredients until smooth and then pour it in tall glasses and savour every sip of this musky goodness. I used an immersion blender for this as it makes the work really quick and is also easy to clean.

The melon smoothie that I made is more on the liquid-y side in terms of the consistency. That is because I used both fruits at room temperature and then chilled the smoothie in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before I had it. If you want a thicker, luscious smoothie, all you have to do is freeze the bananas in a zip-lock bag for about 4-5 hours or even overnight. That way you can start your day on a healthier note and the smoothie will be thick and creamy.

That’s it!

Two magic ingredients, one magical smoothie!

melon smoothie 03 the cupcake confession

I hope you lovely people make this and take small baby steps towards a healthy life and cut down your sugar intake as much as you can!

Enjoy, Lovelies! :*

Melon Smoothie


  1. ½ cantaloupe, skin removed and cut into small chunks along with the nectar (if any)
  2. 2 bananas (SEE NOTE)


  1. In a tall glass (or the one that came with your immersion blender) add the cantaloupe and bananas and blitz until smooth.
  2. Pour in tall glasses.
  3. Serve.


For a thinner, juice-like smoothie, use bananas at room temperature and chill the smoothie before consumption. For a thicker, creamier smoothie, freeze bananas overnight in a zip-lock bag and then use to make smoothie.

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  1. Oh, Samina, this just looks so delicious – I love the bright orange colour and that there are only 2 ingredients in this wonderful healthy snack. So refreshing! Just a shame I have to wait until next summer to make this (no melons around at this time of year – boo hoo. I’ll have to take a little trip to India!)

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