How to Make Hot Fudge Sauce

How To Make Hot Fudge Sauce

Homemade hot fudge sauce is a huge obsession for any chocolate lover. I am yet to find someone who is a self – proclaimed chocolate connoisseur and does not find himself or herself addicted to hot fudge sauce.

Most people I know tend to shy away from making their own hot fudge sauce thinking it’s complicated and wondering if they’ll ever make it till the end of the cook. But let me break it to you, that’s just not the case, my friend.

Making your very own homemade hot fudge sauce is easier than telling your best friend to break up with their nagging partner, it is easier than waking up at 5 in the morning and it is definitely easier than wearing woollen clothes on a hot and humid summer afternoon; you get the point, don’t you?

It is, in fact, so deceptively simple, you’ll be kicking yourself for not having tried making this luscious pool of thick, warm, gooey chocolate goodness any sooner. Most importantly, you will never ever buy the bottles of chocolate syrup disasters that are sold in the name of hot fudge sauce. They are synthetic, have more artificial than real ingredients and taste nowhere near the real deal. Besides, there’s so much you can do with your hot fudge sauce like this hot fudge bread pudding. It would also be worth your time to check out these 8 incredible ways to use hot fudge sauce in desserts.

How to make hot fudge sauce, you ask? It is simple, to say the least and all you need is 3 basic ingredients. Yes, that is just about it. 3 ingredients and you have a base sauce, a control recipe to which you can later add other flavorings as per your liking.

First, let me take you through the steps and then I’ll break down the taste, texture and color that you should be looking for and how you can adapt this recipe to create fun and exciting flavors.

Step 1: Combine 100 grams chopped dark chocolate, 100 grams butter and 200 grams condensed milk.



Step 2: On low, combine all ingredients till they uniformly melt.


Step 3: Increase heat to high and bring to boil. Then reduce heat to low and simmer for 2-3 minutes.



Step 4: Take off the heat, cool and store.


Whoa, was that easy or what? Making your very own homemade hot fudge sauce cannot get easier than that.

 What is the role of each ingredient?


  1. Chocolate: It is but obvious that a hot fudge sauce is terribly incomplete without chocolate. It is always a good idea to use good quality dark chocolate. My suggestion would be to use chocolate that has a higher cocoa % as the condensed milk itself is quite sweet and using milk, white or dark chocolate of a lower cocoa % can make it cloyingly sweet. I have used 55% dark chocolate because that is the only one that I have easily available at all times and also because my family enjoys a mid – range cocoa % dark chocolate. If it were left to me, I’d choose a 72% cocoa content dark chocolate. Then again, it is completely dependent on how sweet you like your fudge sauce.
  2. Sweetened condensed milk: The reason I use Sweetened condensed milk as opposed to using cream, milk and sugar to make a more traditional hot fudge sauce is simply because the sweetened condensed milk adds a rich and smooth caramel like flavor that adds more body to the hot fudge sauce. The result is a beautifully dense and thick sauce that adds a burst of caramel – chocolate flavor and lingers long after you’ve enjoyed your fudge sauce.
  3. Butter: Butter helps bring it all together by giving it an alluring, shiny and glossy look. It also helps add a rich buttery taste that takes the whole sauce to a completely new level of hot fudge goodness.


 Key Pressure Points to take note of


  1. All ingredients must be at room temperature: This is so important when you make this sauce. When all the ingredients are uniformly at room temperature, they tend to all melt at the same time. Therefore, no ingredient cooks more than the other. On the other hand, if your chocolate for example, was at room temperature, while your butter was still rock solid from the refrigeration, the butter will take some time to melt and that can deeply affect the texture of the chocolate and can also cause it to burn. So, your best bet is to keep everything at room temperature for uniformity of melting.
  2. Use a heavy bottomed saucepan: Don’t use a flat pan or shallow saucepan for making this sauce. It will bubble quite a lot. Therefore, if your pan is shallow, the sauce might overflow and if you lower the heat to keep the sauce from bubbling all over your stove top, you will prevent the sauce from cooking to the right temperature that adds the element of richness and density to your sauce. A heavy bottomed saucepan is, therefore, the perfect choice.
  3. Keep stirring the sauce from the sides: You need to watch the sauce like a hawk when you make it. Leaving it on the stovetop while you play catch-up with your best friend will result in your sauce getting burned on the sides and this will largely affect the overall texture and flavor of the hot fudge sauce. Constantly stir it, preferably with a wooden spoon so as to keep the sauce flowing seamlessly instead of catching on to the sides of the pan.
  4. Let it cool completely before you store: As with all candy and baked goods, it is imperative that you wait for the sauce to cool down to room temperature before you put it into an air tight jar or glass container and into the fridge for future use. You can, however, use the sauce almost immediately if you plan on serving immediately with some vanilla ice cream to family, friends or guests at a lunch, brunch or dinner party. Just make sure that you’ve let the sauce sit for at least 15 – 20 minutes as it is extremely hot and will burn your guests.

If I’ve answered your query on how to make hot fudge sauce, let me dive into how you can take this basic sauce and make it even more exciting. You can certainly add a pinch of salt and some vanilla extract to spruce it up and add more depth to the overall flavor of the hot fudge sauce. However, you can even get a little more creative and add peppermint extract, orange extract and even 1 -2 teaspoons of your favorite liquor and make your homemade hot fudge sauce even more exciting.

So, humor me, I want to know if you are the homemade hot fudge sauce maker or store – bought hot fudge sauce buyer. If you’ve never made hot fudge sauce before, do you think you might give it a try now considering how easy it is? If you swear by making hot fudge sauce at home, is there any special recipe that you follow or a creative twist or ingredient that you add? Please let me know in the comments below. I would love to learn more.


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