Hello there,

I am Samina and I am a baking addict. There! I said it!
It all started when I was about 4 and would flip through my mum’s cookbook collection. I would always pick a dessert cookbook and flip through its pages, daydreaming about the decadent baked goods on glossy pages. I still have them and occasionally, you’d still find me laying on the floor with her cookbooks strewn all around me. That’s my kind of Zen.


It was obvious that I wouldn’t stare at them forever and had to put my thoughts into action. Boom – The Cupcake Confession was born.


In this space, you will find delectable, decadent, lip-smacking sweet treats that you can whip up for friends and family with amazing ease. This blog is not just about cakes and cupcakes, although they will certainly be the dominant category. But you’ll also see brownies, bars, beverages, pies, tarts, candy, breads, pastries and other delectable treats making appearances more often.


If you are just as obsessed about desserts as I am, then you’ll feel at home on my blog. Take a look around my Recipe Index to get an idea about the kind of desserts I make – You won’t regret it, I promise!


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