6 Incredible Chai Spice Desserts


What is it with this weather and wanting to throw in a smattering of spices in every single thing that can be edible? The warmth from the spices simply makes everything 10x more cozy and comfortable, an extra layer of comfortable, snuggle – worthy blanket, if you will. There are so many spice mixes that can do the trick here. But today we’re looking specifically at spices used when making desserts. One very popular spice mix that falls in this category is undoubtedly, pumpkin pie spice mix. While it is undeniably the queen of Autumnal baking, today, we shall take a gander at the lesser known but ever so powerful, chai spice mix. You may not realize it but chai spice desserts can take your dessert experience to the next level.

This week, we started off learning more about the individual flavor profiles that make up the humble and comforting chai spice mix and in the larger scheme of things; we learnt how to make chai spice right in your home. We then used this chai spice mix to make your very own chai spice chocolate brownies. You then got a checklist of the top 5 mistakes to avoid when making brownies. In that post, I made sure to include even the points that you may find trivial at first. Follow them and you’ll never have a failed brownie recipe ever again!

Today, I plan to make you salivate all over your screen because I’ve got some fabulous food blogging friends on board to share their original and scrummy fall – worthy desserts that add the warm and comforting touch of this ever so versatile chai spice mix.

Here’s the list of 6 of some of the best Chai Spice Desserts you can eat. Happy drooling.

1. Chai Spiced Dulce De Leche by Sift and Whisk:


What Maria does in this recipe is she makes her very own dulce de leche recipe from scratch. And once you’ve seen the recipe, you’ll be kicking yourself for using store bought chemical – laden jars of synthetic tasting fluff. This is hands down, the real deal. Besides, she has spruced the up this otherwise simple dulce de leche with a generous helping of some whole chai spices that add an intense and warming depth of flavors. Imagine plopping a whole luscious dollop of this beauty onto creamy vanilla ice cream. Did you just drool? Yeah, me too!

2. Chai Spice Cake by Not Quite Nigella:


Imagine a moist, light cake, full of warm and comforting chai spices and hints of black tea tingling your taste buds. Then a light swirl of chai spiced buttercream frosting adds subtle creaminess to the cake, pairing perfectly with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Lorraine has the perfect recipe to make you go weak in your knees for chai spice with this recipe.

3. Baked French Toast with Whipped Greek Yogurt and Candied Chai Pecans by A Side of Sweet.

baked french toast a side of sweet

This is one of the most drool – worthy breakfasts you are likely to eat especially as the baked French toast gets topped with a deliciously tangy whipped Greek yogurt frosting. Besides, to take things to the next level, Kelly has spruced this breakfast up with candied chai pecans! I sense that you are now going to be a morning person very soon.

4. Vanilla Chai Energy Cookies by Blissful Basil:


These cookies by Ashley are no – bake, come together in minutes and are therefore, the perfect breakfast for anyone who is always the late – for – work – or – school kinda person. They are packed with rich and nutritious ingredients and loads of nuts and our superstar of the week, chai spice. It’s the perfect on – the – go snack, which is also perfect for your 3 pm slump and with the warm aromas from the chai spice, you’ll want this every day of Fall.

5. Chai Spiced Pumpkin Bread by Butterlust:


This Chai Spiced Pumpkin Bread has the best of both the Fall worlds – Pumpkin and Chai Spice. Besides, there’s even an element of chai tea in this bread, which helps impart the beautiful pumpkin and tea flavor complete with all the cozy chai spices. All that’s left to do is slather a generous amount of butter and eat it for your afternoon tea.

6. Chocolate Chai Spice Granola by Veggie Inspired:


There’s chocolate, there’s spice and everything nice. There is absolutely nothing better than homemade granola. Especially when you make something that is just absolutely perfect for the months of Fall. This is a breakfast that I am sure will be very popular in your home as it has the goodness of healthy mix – ins and oats complete with the lip – smacking hint of chocolate soothed by the warming comfort of chai spice.

Chai Spice is so versatile, aren’t you surprised of the brilliant ways in which you can make desserts and toss some of that aromatic spice mix in instead of just swirling it in your tea? These chai spice desserts will change the way you think of this spice mix.


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