mince pastry 012

How to make Puff Pastry – a step-by-step .gif guide

mince pastry 012


I hope you guys remember the .gif tutorial that I had promised for this amazing buttery, crisp layered puff pastry!

Here I am, bringing you a simple guide to make the puff pastry!

It’s a short post but I’m compensating for it by posting an amazinggggggg breakfast recipe in a bit!

So, all the ingredients for this puff pastry can be found HERE!

Looking for some ideas to use this puff pastry??? POP IN HERE  and you will enjoy it! {I hope}


This is suchhhhh an amazing recipe! and very very versatile! You can use it for making puff pastry parcels with a spicy meat or veg filling, you could add something sweet like just plain dark chocolate chunks {heaven}, mille fuilles and sooooooo many things! You can even make a galette with it! {Oh My God, yeah! That’s a good idea, isn’t it?}

So, here’s what you do….

step 1:

You roll out the dough so it looks like a cross and then you place your block of butter right at the center and fold it as shown.


Step 2:

Your gonna pop it into the fridge for a good 15-20 minutes for the butter to get cold again. The butter needs to be cold AT ALL TIMES! Otherwise, it’d just gonna pop out and make your dough soggy. {Not Good}

Step 3:

Roll it out …. nice and long …. as far as you can go.



Step 4:

Fold it like this.


Step 5:

{Err… My mom didn’t quite take the video right for this one, so I’m just gonna explain}

Make sure that you place the dough before you exactly the way you’d keep a book if you were to study. Then roll the dough vertically. And fold it again. Repeat this process at least 4 times but not more than 5-6 times.

Once you have done that, you can keep the dough refrigerated till you need it and use it like any normal pastry to make parcels or any other thing that you’d like to make.

Sooooooo, that is it! Easy Peasy!

I’m sure you’re going to make these beauties and enjoy them like I did !

Have fun .. oh and yes, Another post coming up in maybe an hour or so?



6 thoughts on “How to make Puff Pastry – a step-by-step .gif guide

  1. Crumblyandcrispy

    You are so right about this dough : it’s delicious and sooooo adaptable !! Up to now I’ve only made sweets with it, like chocolate croissants, but reading your posts I’ll definitely have to try something savory with it. Since I’m a vegetarian I am unfortunately not be able to use your recipe with chicken but I’m sure l will be able to come up with something veggie :)

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