Snickers Latte

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I know March is long over and we’re already 3 days into April but I was so caught up with my retests and assignment submissions. If you didn’t know, I fell terribly ill about 20 days ago and while I was recuperating, I realized that I had to skip all my important tests and submissions, which I was making up for last week, hence no post!

Firstly, I have to thank all you lovely people for sending in such amazing wishes!!!!! It really helped me feel uplifted! :) I LOUUUUUVEEEEE YOU ALL FOREVER FOR THAT! :* :* :*

Secondly, OMG!!!!! My finals are coming up! The last set of exams I’ll ever answer in my life! I have less than 2 weeks to go and come April 15th – 3rd May I’ll be writing my last set of exams ever!

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And just 2 days later, I’ll be celebrating my Blog’s 1ST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am soooooooo excited! It’s going to be a year since I started my venture into this ‘blogging thing’ that I had absolutely no idea of! And it’s been just as long since I’ve known you all and it fills my heart with so much happiness!

Now to this glorious Snickers Latte !

Yes, I say glorious! G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S!!!!

snickers long shot | The Cupcake Confession

And you would too if you’d have tasted this gorgeous beauty! a.k.a. snickers latte !!!!!

It’s just so incredible and makes me salivate every time I think about it. This is a nice warm coffee that you can enjoy in your air conditioned room, since obviously the temperatures have begun to soar!

This is not exactly very high on fats unless you consider one bar of snickers to be unhealthy, then you should consider having this on a day that you are allowed you cheat meal!

Trust me, cheating on meals never felt this satisfying!

snickers latte middle | The Cupcake Confession

These incredible layers are each filled with so much flavour and aroma; you have to taste it to believe it!

The bottommost layer contains one whole melted snickers bar. Now, I used a small knob of butter, some good quality dark chocolate along with the snickers to help it melt easily. Then I added 2 shots of espresso and ½ a cup of milk that has been foamed only slightly.

And, there you have it! The most divine coffee you will ever have!

snickers latte empty glass |The Cupcake Confession

Snickers’ Latte


  1. 1 bar Snickers’
  2. ¼th cup grated dark chocolate
  3. 1 small knob of butter
  4. 1 tbsp sugar
  5. 2 shots espresso
  6. ½ cup Foamed milk


  1. Melt the sugar, butter, snickers’ and chocolate together and pour in a tall glass.
  2. Add 2 shots of espresso.
  3. Pour lightly foamed milk
  4. Top with melted dark chocolate and peanuts.
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Iced Strawberry Colada Macchiato

iced macchiato strawberry colada

I AM SO SORRY for not being around! I missssssssed reading my favourite blogs and I couldn’t even leave comments telling them how much I enjoy each post! :(

I know the ‘BUSY-AT-COLLEGE’ reason for my irregularity in posting has gotten pretty old by now and so today, I have a shiny, brand new reason to support my inability to post anything last week. A few hours after I published this amazing cappuccino spiked with spiced orange syrup, I began feeling some strange sensations in my head, like someone was knocking, no, rapidly smashing some blunt, heavy metallic object right into my temples. I could almost see 2 of everything – 2 phones, 2 clocks, 4 earphones– gosh! If that wasn’t enough I got hit by fever, the temperature creeping up every passing hour— 98 degrees, 99, 100, 101 and then it settled into a lull at 102 but refused to get back down like a playful happy child refusing to get down after getting atop a tree, seemingly enjoying the views!

iced macchiato strawberry top

I, for one, wasn’t enjoying any of it! I just had a happy day! I went hunting for some great antique // vintage cutlery, cookware and all so that I could do the desserts justice and present them in a way that looked just as good as they’d taste. Okay, so, one little detail I missed out, I did so in the midst of acute angry summer sun staring down at me, making me sweat bullets as I walked the busy {trust me, I love my peace and quiet} noisy {I’d be surprised if I could hear a pin drop for even like 5 straight seconds} streets of old Bombay. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feel of old Bombay. It just takes you back in time but when you know that you’ll be spending like 3 hours walking in that sweltering heat, you know that it’s going to get back at you with a vengeance!!!!

It was all happening right that hour! I can feel it till now and it’s enough to leave me shaking in my boots {read chappals} :P

Okay, so the point is, I wasn’t myself and I needed comfort food …. enter, 2 min Ramen Noodles, 3 bags of chips and 1 tub strawberry swirl cheesecake ice cream.

Ahhh the food felt good, if only I’d known I’d be suffering the next ENTIRE WEEK, courtesy the COMFORT FOOD, I’d have eaten the boring dinner my mum had cooked!

iced macchiato strawberry two

And then I fell sicker. Went to the doctor and he was quick to conclude that I was suffering from a SERIOUS STOMACH INFECTION that would last at least a week!

There goes my full-planned one week! I missed allllll of the important deadlines, submissions, retests at college and now I’ll have to suffer a lot more to keep up than I already am!

But does it matter, not really???

I mean, I feel terrible and the absolute thought frightens me!!!!!!!!!!! But what can be done? NOTHING


Go with the flow and enjoy this iced strawberry colada macchiato.

I remember making these and as I sipped them, I was instantly taken into the beaches. Warm, sandy, breezy. The salted water tickling my ugly feet and super awesome Hawaiian music playing in the backdrop! Ta-ta-la-la-la-ta

And then I was suddenly brought back to my dull routine life. Looked down at my coffee and realized I’d slurped the last of the coconutty strawberry caffeine goodness!

You can get transported to a beach of your choice too, take your pick, fix yourself this iced strawberry colada macchiato and I’ll meet you amidst the sun sand and salted gushing water!

iced macchiato strawberry side

Iced Strawberry Colada Macchiato


  1. 2 tbsp strawberry syrup {equal parts sugar and water + strawberries reduced to a jammy consistency}
  2. ½ cup foamed coconut milk
  3. 2 shots espresso
  4. 5-6 cubes ice


  1. Pour 2 tbsp strawberry syrup in a tall glass
  2. Add the foamed coconut milk
  3. Drop the ice cubes
  4. Add the 2 shots of espresso
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Spiced Orange Cappuccino

cappuccino spiced orange | The Cupcake Confession


I have nearly a month of college left before I graduate from College.

3 years!!!!!!!

I didn’t even realize how fast time was passing. But it makes me happy. VERY HAPPY!

It’s finally time to finish a chapter and begin a fresh new one.

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Strawberry Espresso Con Panna

layers of strawberry espresso con panna The Cupcake Confession

OMG! It’s March ALREADY!

Can you tell?

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was gearing up for the New Year to begin,

Okay, not yesterday! ‘Cause yesterday I was recovering from a severe cold, fever and errr, stomach upset! Yes, I’m under the weather because the weather just won’t make up its mind! One day its real sunny, trust me, not a good sight when I am dripping in sweat FROM HEAD TO TOE! Then the next day the temperature drops DRASTICALLLLLY and I can’t stay away from my cosy hoodie and a million blankets!

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Rose and Raspberry Cheesecake Macarons {No Nuts No Seeds} + Big News!!!!!!!

Hello there people!

macarons rose and raspberry 025

I have so much to talk {not rant or complain} …yes, I just looked up rant to make sure it has nothing to do with complaining! :D

Wait, I’m not making sense, am I?

Ahhhhh!!!!! I’m just so super excited to share everything! So, let’s get down with it, Shall we?

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Valentine’s Special #1 Virgin Strawberry Margarita Cupcakes + {My New Blog Design}

virgin-strawberry-margarita-cupcakes | The Cupcake Confession

HELLLLLLO you guys!!!!!!!!!!

Now, before I officially get into the Valentine’s baking mode, I’d just like to apologize {as always} for not being around much these past few weeks.


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Blogger Life#5: Philips Saeco Intelia Cappuccino Maker Review

coffee machine

And I am back again and I am definitely not regretting my back to back attempts at posting on my brand new blog!

Today, though, I am here to review a truly versatile product that you should all have at your homes simply because it not just looks attractive but is truly of immense utility, especially for those who are sincere to their daily dose of caffeine and like nothing more than to guzzle down their cup of coffee more than once in a day. If coffee is your poison, this product is certainly the solution! Remember the Coffee Brewcamp event that I’d attended a few months ago, in October?

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Blogger Life#4: VinoFest at Phoenix Market City, Kurla


Today’s review post is more of information than photographs.  My iPhone images look outright dark and no amount of editing is making it right!

I’d been to the Vinofest, which you can attend at Phoenix Market city Kurla and sample some of the most delectable wines that this fest has to offer. Since I’m not a wine person myself, I’d taken along a dear friend who is also a wine connoisseur. While I hogged at the cheeses, she gave her opinion on the myriad wines at VinoFest.

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Blogger Life #3: He Said She Said – India’s first shot bar cafe Review

So, the concept of Shot bars is very new here in India and He Said She Said is ideally the first of its kind where you get myriad varieties of shots with flavour combinations that will leave your jaw dropped. They have over 30 varieties of these flavoured shots.

Wanna hang out with friends for a chilled out beer in the evening? Check

Do you want to go out on a fancy date with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Check

Something that will break the monotony of the everyday cafe and suffuse vivid colours and bright decor for as long as your eyes can see?  Double Check

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