Salted Caramel Cookies

These salted caramel cookies are ridiculously easy to make. Stuffed with caramels these brown butter flavoured cookies ooze with molten caramel lava in every bite. There’s now no doubt about the fact that I am a cookie fanatic. Give me the classic chocolate chip cookies or add loads of chocolate

Marbled Loaf Cake

This marbled loaf cake has a zebra like black – and – white striped marble pattern on the insides. It is rich, moist and incredibly decadent. The last few days have been an absolute nightmare for me, to be quite honest. I’ve been attacked by the ghastly flu monster and

Mars Cookies

Today, we’re back with another cookie recipe. And I’m telling you, you’re going to love it. On the face value, these might look like just another chocolate chip cookie. But no, that’s not all, these are mars cookies. And you’ll find that out only once you bite into it. I

Pistachio Brownie Ice Cream

This pistachio brownie ice cream combines the simplicity of pistachios with the intense indulgence of rich, fudge like chocolate for an unforgettable treat. If there’s one flavor combination that will never cease to disappoint, that’s pistachio and chocolate. There’s something about this incredible flavour combination that is calming and seductive

Dark Chocolate Brownies

Can you recall your very first classic dark chocolate brownie experience?  I remember being so young and not even really knowing what a brownie was or how to differentiate a brownie from a cake! All I knew was that they tasted out – of – this – world delicious and

Double Dark Chocolate Cookies

These double dark chocolate cookies are rich, dark and decadent. Have them with a  tall glass of milk or dip them in your afternoon tea, either ways, they’ll make your day instantly better. Here’s the thing about cookies – they are a basic necessity. Boss gave you a earful? Here,